Frequently asked questions

What is wastewater ?

Water which is discharged from the houses, industrial facilities, commercial premises, institutions, and similar buildings.

What is wastewater treatment ?

As a result of various uses , water loses its physical, chemical and bacteriological properties and become harmful for the environment. The process applied to wastewater to gain its natural characteristics called wastewater treatment

What is wastewater treatment plant ?

A wastewater treatment plant is a facility in which physical, chemical and biological processes are used to treat wastewater and discharged to receiving environment

Which processes are used to treat wastewater ?

Biological treatment process; is applied for the removal of dissolved organic substances in wastewater. Chemical wastewater treatment process; is for the removal of substances that are dissolved or floating in wastewater and that cannot be precipitate by gravitation. Physical wastewater treatment process; is preferred for the removal of solid substances in the water which can precipitate spontaneously. These processes can be used separately or one after the other in wastewater treatment plants